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I have been training artists and producers at universities and certified centers in Logic Pro and Ableton Live since 2010, as well as creating curriculum plans for academies and universities in several countries.


Training Workshops

  • Production

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Sound Synthesis

  • Music Theory

  • MIDI

  • Audio

  • Ableton Live

  • Logic Pro

  • ProTools

  • Reason

  • Live & DJ

  • History & Music Culture

Artistic Development 

We will analyze your project and artistic profile and prepare you only with what you need to know. We use your talents and strengths in your favor, we will create systems to work functionally and find your own workflow.

You don't have to always know everything the same way. At your own pace, with your goals and taking full advantage of your tools.

Master Class

Training and talks on specific topics or knowledge areas for your academy or work team. Detailed exposition on topics within the music industry and the general music production processes for all levels and areas.


Development of structured curriculum plans based on different levels and needs, whether they are for individuals, universities or academies, training of teachers to implement the plan, and creation of personalized study plans for self-directed learners.


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