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I have helped many artists find their own sound and unlock the potential of their music, bringing their ideas to life and achieving their desired sonic outcome. 

I collaborate with a network of professionals and entities in various areas of the industry worldwide to align any talent with the needs of an artistic project.


Music Production

  • Project Guidance

  • Artistic & Sound Identity

  • Co-Production

  • All Musical Styles

  • Electronic Music

  • Acoustic Music 

  • Sound Design

  • Instrumentation

  • Sound Correction

About Me


Arturo RR

I began my career in 2007 as a Trance and Techno producer and DJ under the name Axure. I started a radio program that was broadcast on three stations simultaneously in Mexico, England, and Spain. I studied Audio Engineering and later completed a Master's degree in Music Production.

I specialize in sound design, production, and treatment of electronic music. I have created curriculums and worked as a teacher for universities, academies, and certified Logic Pro and Ableton centers since 2010 in Mexico and Spain. I run two record labels, Protomotorik Records and Arthropoda Music since 2019, and have discography in three active musical projects, as an artist and Live Performer in: Axure, Art Uro, and dimagi with live performances alongside the biggest names in my musical scene worldwide. My music has been selected for different compilations in CD and cassette format, I do ghost production in many styles and music for advertising, sound design for mobile applications, post-production for TV, original music for YouTube, mixing and mastering for independent artists and record labels.I have worked on more than 300 concerts as a FOH and monitor engineer.

I created A2R SoundLabs with the purpose of being a self-sufficient platform capable of helping artists and projects to complete their production chain regardless of the stage they are in.


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